The main thing is always to have a plan;

if it is not the best plan, it is at least better than no plan at all

General Sir John Monash

Self Managed Family Office (SMFO)



There are millions of families in Australia however very few achieve long term wealth and longevity. Even fewer have enshrined family values or traditions which feature as a hallmark of their name. When family businesses are involved and competing interests arise within the family unit, matters can be delicate.

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Why Use Self Managed Family Office ?

Family dynasties are not created by accident


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10 proprietary documents which you can use to establish and manage your own family office successfully.


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We understand this process can be daunting so use our included consultation hours to your advantage.


Establish values, vision and traditions

Use our document package to implement positive changes within your family long-term.


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About SMFO’s Founder

David Lucas has been a respected business law specialist in Australia for many years. Along with his list of professional and charitable accomplishments he is an... Accredited Family Business Australia Adviser Co-creator and Foundation Director of Family Business Consultants Network Accredited Business Law Specialist

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